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Who we are

Swag Box started in 2018 with the mission to work with awesome brands and bring fresh ideas to the copy-paste industry! As we have grown over the years we are still bringing innovation to the branded merch world! Our team is growing and so is our awesome client base, volume isn't the key with us and the growth we see is down to the offerings and solutions our teams deliver.

We see swag as a crucial part of any business and especially when used correctly, however, the issues companies faced were always the barrier between good merch and simply getting it where it's needed... storage, global shipping, and quality to name a few!

With the shift to remote working and hyper-growth start-ups requiring swag delivered with an amazon style service we knew we had to offer more. Swag Box now stores branded swag for hundreds of awesome brands and we ship on-demand all around the world.
Employee onboarding kits and online conference packs are a sure-fire way to build brand trust with those new to an organisation and when delivered with the right experience have a huge part to play in modern business.

We build and manage custom swag stores and redemption pages to deliver great results for our client's team. And the good news.... this is just the beginning! We are focused on automation and transparency so developing our systems is a never-ending process, each of our clients comes along for the ride and in return, we invest in giving more to the swag experience!

Our UK HQ is based out of Sheffield with a very diverse and creative team who live and breath our mantra - Kickass Every Day! We are fun, fast paced, and solution-driven, we refuse to conform to our industry's copy-paste mentality and inject fun into all we do!