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Custom Branded Tools and Safety Products

Branded Tools and Safety Accessories

Branded multitools, tool sets and safety equipment are a practical way to show thanks to your customers or market your brand at events. From branded torches to branded tools such as pen knives, multi-tools and gift sets, these practical gadgets are a no-brainer for useful freebies. Our safety accessories also include things like branded hi-vis safety vests, perfect for kitting out your team.

Tools and Safety

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Why choose Swag Box?

We’ve perfected the art of branded swag making it easier than ever to create showstopping freebies and merch. Our range features items for every occasion all with straight forward branding as standard. We also offer perks such as EU storage solutions to make shipping easier, and international shipping if you want to leave it all to us. On top of this, we’re proud to stock eco-conscious alternatives to ensure that your merch doesn’t cost the Earth.

Why Tools and Safety Accessories?

Tools and safety accessories are brilliant examples of branded merch that serve a purpose. It’s easy to love a freebie, it’s free after all. But what sets these apart is the practicality of them. Multi-tools, first aid kits and other branded safety items are perfect useful items that your customers will keep, ensuring your brand is front and centre for time to come.