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Custom Branded Drinkware

Branded Water Bottles, Branded Mugs and More

Branded bottles, mugs and tumblers are popular, convenient and useful freebies perfect for any occasion from a conference or event to a welcome pack or a simple giveaway. Budget-friendly and practical, whether opting for mugs for the workplace or branded metal water bottles to promote your business, our easy customisation has you covered.


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Why choose Swag Box?

We make branded merch easy. Understanding the impact of a freebie and the thought behind a little gift, we’ve harnessed that power and given it to our users with the freedom to create beautifully branded gifts, without breaking the bank. Our eco-friendly ranges and sustainability pledges mean it doesn’t cost the earth either. Easy customisation, budget-friendly options, EU storage solutions and international shipping… Why not choose Swag Box?

Why Branded Drinkware Works

Combining need with convenience, our custom drinkware is a no-brainer. Useful and practical water bottles will get used, meaning your brand will get exposure long after your event, giveaway or gifting. Worried about the environmental cost? Worry not. Our eco-conscious range has been expertly developed to create stylish freebies without compromise.