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Branded Tech and Promotional Gadgets

Budget-friendly gadgets are a staple in your branded merch collection. Useful and convenient, our range of branded technology products are perfect for onboarding new staff or promoting your brand at events. You can personalise gadgets such as powerbanks and chargers, PC and gaming accessories, mobile and tablet accessories and much more.


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Why choose Swag Box?

At Swag Box, we simplify the experience of shopping for branded swag by providing convenient international delivery, along with EU storage options, and comprehensive assistance at every stage. We provide flexibility through our diverse offerings, including individual items, customisable promo boxes with our build-a-box option, and hassle-free pre-set swag boxes. Streamlined personalisation is facilitated with clear artwork guidelines and previews, ensuring ultimate shopping satisfaction.

Why Choose our Branded Technology?

Our branded technology has been hand picked to be both user-friendly and contemporary, helping you showcase your brand in style. Our wide range includes everything from phone chargers to bluetooth speakers and magic calculators. What’s more, our branded technology is both pocket-friendly and is stocked alongside eco-friendly promotional gadgets with the same customisable features as our standard collection.