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Pre-Set Branded Swag Packs

Overwhelmed by choice? We offer a range of pre set swag boxes to save you time. Check back often for newly themed swag packs hand picked by our team.

Make a stylish impression when welcoming your guests with our premium branded swag bags, ideal for any occasion.This collection provides an affordable way to showcase your brand at your corporate event.Choose your preferred colors and designs, then proceed to the checkout to upload your logo. Utiliz..
Dive into sustainability with our Ocean-themed Corporate Branded Pack, a fusion of eco-consciousness and corporate style. At its core, the Karst® A5 softcover notebook stands as a beacon of luxury and durability, boasting waterproof pages and a vegan leather cover for timeless elegance. Accompanying..
This new starter pack is a true game-changer! It features some of our favorite merchandise essentials and offers a low-cost solution to distributing swag. Get your new hires excited about your brand and make them feel welcomed with a pair of custom-woven socks, a printed t-shirt, stickers, and a cus..
There's no holding back with this pack - want to make an incredible impression on employees and clients alike?This Swag Pack features some of our most premium quality items for the ultimate "Woah!" unboxing moment.The ultimate branded merchandise pack to rule them all...
Travelling the world and the seven seas? This pack will cover your every needs. With anti-theft properties, you'll get peace of mind with these rucksack packs...
The classic new employee welcome pack. The day's finally arrived and HR breathes a sigh of relief - it's your new employee's first day in the job! Stand out and show them you care with this well-thought out welcome pack that includes all the essentials for a great first day.Whether they're in the of..