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Customised Sports and Games Merchandise

For sports and games enthusiasts, budget-friendly branded merchandise is a necessity. Whether you're seeking an ideal welcome gift or aiming to make a statement at events, our selection of branded sports accessories, games and toys fits the bill perfectly. Explore options such as footballs, armbands, brain teasers, and more to elevate your company's presence and warmly welcome new staff.

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Powerful performance! This elegant padel racquet is hugely popular due to its lightweight and power. Fiberglass material for great punch on each shot. 350 grams weight, 36.5mm thickness and carry strap...
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Why choose Swag Box?

We've made shopping for branded merchandise simple. We provide international delivery, convenient EU storage options and our team is ready to help every step of your order. Check out our range – pick individual items, go personal with customised promo boxes using our build-a-box feature, or try our ready-to-go swag boxes. Clear artwork guidelines are available, so you have peace of mind with your picks. Contact us for a personalised consultation to discuss more.

Why Choose our Branded Sports, Games and Toy Merchandise?

At Swagbox, we've handpicked a range of branded games, toys, and sports accessories that are both practical and stylish, offering you the perfect platform to promote your brand effectively. Our customised merchandise features everything from game sets to wristbands and skipping ropes. While our branded sports, games, and toys accessories are high quality, budget-friendly and can be personalised to suit your brand too.