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A great combination of style and convenience, this auto open/close umbrella is a must have accessory for when the dark clouds draw in. Made with 190T pongee RPET polyester, so the umbrella is not only stylish but also kind to the planet. It features a 2 section metal frame and fibreglass ribs...
This easy to use folding umbrella is perfect for protection against unpredictable weather. The pouch unfolds into a functional tote bag where you can put away your umbrella separately. The umbrella is made of 190T pongee polyester and features a metal frame and combined metal/fibreglass ribs...
This great looking RPET umbrella offers plenty of shelter from the rain. Made with durable 190T pongee RPET polyester the umbrella evokes a timeless and classic design, so you can certainly travel in style. The frame is made of high-quality materials, with metal frame and fibreglass ribs which offer..
This manual open/close LED umbrella makes walking in the rain fun! The umbrella has 8 white led lights on each rib. Besides giving a beautiful light effect it also enables you to be visible and to walk safely at night. In the handle you can find a practical flash light. The umbrella is made of 190T ..
Automatic open umbrella in 190T pongee polyester with metal shaft, fibreglass ribs, PP tips, matte black handle. With stormproof function...
23’’ reversible umbrella in 190T pongee fabric with manual opening and closing. Full fibreglass ribs and frame with windproof system...
Style at your fingertips! This roomy duo colour 190T pongee polyester umbrella is the perfect wet weather companion. Perfect for when you are caught in a rain shower but it has an extra stable high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions when the wind is really pu..
Walk comfortably with 2 people underneath this umbrella and keep yourself dry when you get caught in a rainshower. The umbrella features a unique square umbrella shape in 190T pongee polyester, with fibreglass ribs and shaft, in minimalistic all black. Manual open. This unique square shape gives a ..
The Hurricane umbrella features a 27” double layered panel that is ideal for rough conditions and is dry again in no time due to the waterproof fabric. The unique opening mechanism provides ease of use when opening and closing. Registered design®..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Alex 215'' foldable auto open/close umbrella 215'' 3 section umbrella with automatic opening and closing button Metal frame and ribs and plastic handle Supplied with a pouch Polyester (Screenprint)..
Brand: Avenue Model:
Alina 23'' auto open recycled PET umbrella Automatic opening umbrella with a recycled PET pongee polyester canopy Sturdy metal shaft, a high quality frame with fibreglass ribs offering flexibility in windy conditions Together with the wooden handle, tips, and the recycled PET pongee polyester canopy..
Brand: Marksman Model:
Arch 23'' auto open umbrella Exclusive design umbrella with automatic open function Metal shaft and ribs Special design handle to easily hang the umbrella on the table Rubbercoated crook handle with aluminium detail Matching colour pouch Pongee polyester (Screenprint)..
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