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Wouldn't it be awesome to have one centralised site to manage, stock and distribute your merchandise?

Well here at Swag Box we offer a revolutionary, made to measure service with industry leading web stores and on demand shipping / fulfilment service! The possibilities are endless and as branding experts we build your site to showcase your brand values and company culture. Think of a swag store as your employee focused interface for ordering items to help them with their role, settle into the company and feel rewarded and appreciated for what they do!

Reward staff with Swag Bucks

We will work with you to design and stock a range of swag that your team are going to love, anything from kickass tech gifts to generic stationery and must-haves! Once your range is sorted we will take away the stress of updating products and managing stock levels as employees spend up their hard-earned Swag Bucks.

The registration process for setting up your team is simple, they follow a link to the kickass swag store, get a little giddy sending all the awesome goodies their favourite employers have lined up for them and simply register for an account. 

We then lease with you to implement the numerous ways of allocating their rewarded Swag Bucks... ah presto! They get an email notification letting them know they are in credit!

Allocating Swag Bucks

So this is the fun part of having a Swag Store, in 2020 the workplace has changed rapidly with endless zoom calls and WFH, it's no surprise that teams in all industry's are feeling a little ISOLATED! Getting them reengaged and part of a team again couldn't be easier with Swag Bucks as your new platform for rewarding staff is well ... awesome. 

Try setting up weekly challenges for your teams to earn rewards, introduce bonuses for hitting engagement targets and organise monthly swag drops to them special ... employee of the month guys who really go above and beyond. A little spontaneous rewarding will speak volumes to your team and so long as they earn it, you best reward it right? It couldn't be easier and we have a shed load of ideas and support for you along the way!

Gain feedback from your team managers and introducing the reward plans to the rest of the gang will allow things to be managed well. We can even set up API integrations with your existing HR systems to allow for allocations to be automated. Or simply send us a break down of allocated Swag Bucks for us to feed into your store and notify your staff.

Who gets what?

 We know that sometimes, some items just aren't right for company-wide rewarding or supply and each of your departments has its own needs and wants... be it different uniforms for warehouse and office staff or job-specific tools and stationary.... we know from experience it's a lot to manage so we have built our swag stores with this in mind.

By setting your staff up within their job role or reward group once logged in they can browse and access exclusive content and products just for them! 

Endless possibilities... 

Field Sales

Field sales teams who regularly need custom business cards, branded literature and promotional giveaway's... with your swag store you can allocate their budgets to reflect their monthly needs so that they can order replenishment's for their role on-demand and on-brand with pre-approved, quality assured products.

Account Managers Client Appreciation

Sending gifts to clients can be hard for your teams and with no real structure and pre-set benchmarks things have been known to get a little messy and a nightmare for accounting. No longer an issue with a custom swag store you can enable client appreciation gifts for certain employees to order and send on-demand based on your allocated spend. Building and stocking a range of branded gifts from custom branded Prosecco to on-demand flowers and cards, we can tailor the perfect range with a fast turnaround so your team can keep blowing away your clients with ease!

Event Managers

Events managers can have a hard time sourcing and ordering supplies for events and usually, they have endless boxes around their desks or in cupboards around the office collecting dust and getting forgotten... which leads to overspending and wasted collateral... tutut!! GET IT CENTRALISED!

With a company swag store, each product supplied is neatly displayed for the relevant user to browse and monitor stock availability so that when Betty is frantically looking for 50 giveaways and a bunch of flyers for the last-minute event she knows exactly what she can have delivered to her or better yet delivered to the event for her!

When it comes to your specific needs we are confident we have the know-how and the willingness to make it a breeze for you, have a mundane print and promotional task that always causes stress that hasn't been mentioned here? Give us a shout here and let us help out!

How do the stores look, can we change the colours and logo?

Yes, yes and hell yes! We are obsessed with branding everything and anything so why stop at a swag store? Each stores layout, content, theme, colour scheme and everything between can be customised and expanded to suit your needs. Want to keep it simple and foolproof? No problem! What to design and implement awesome content to enhance the experience and inclusiveness for your team? No problem 

Each and every part of our sites can be entirely redesigned within reason, so go nuts, get creative and up your swag game!