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Safety & First aid

Brand: Bullet Model:
Alain waterproof bicycle saddle cover Bicycle saddle cover made of 100% polyester waterproof WP 600 lime fluorescent material Polyester (Screenprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Alexander 30-piece first aid waterproof bag Strong and durable tarpaulin waterproof bag with 30 pieces of first aid supplies The roll-top closure with plastic buckle ensures that the content is kept dry and safe Great for watersport and other outdoor activities First aid kits will help you to perfor..
Brand: Bullet Model:
André reflective and waterproof helmet cover Ideal helmet safety cover for cyclists that increases visibility Made of high performance waterproof WP 600 lime fluorescent material with reflective film Selected parameters are tested according to EN 13356:2001 Type 2 Polyester (Screenprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Blinki reflector LED light Three LED light settings (solid, blinking, and flashing left to right) Press on/off power button and function switch on back Plastic hanging clip Batteries included ABS Plastic, PS Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Christian 5-piece plaster box Portable mini box containing 5 adhesive plasters sized 56x19mm, intended to use on minor cuts and abrasions The plaster box offers a large decoration area The adhesive plasters are regulated, tested, and certified as Medical Device Class I in accordance with Medical Dev..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Felix reflective slap wrap With a light slap the slap wrap will easily curl around wrist, arm, or ankle, offering visibility in the dark Comes in a wide variety of colours with a large decoration area The slap wrap is tested and certified under EN13356:2001 Type 2 and follows the PPE guidelines on a..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Frederik 2-function emergency blanket Emergency blanket that can provide protection against heat, cold, and humidity It is perfect for camping trips, sporting events, and for emergency situations When the silver side is against the body it will offer protection against the cold The golden side again..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Frederik 24-piece first aid plastic case Convenient folding lid plastic box which holds 24 pieces of first aid supplies Great for at home, in the car, or at work and has a large decoration area on top of the lid First aid kits will help you to perform a simple wound treatment in order to reduce the ..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Handies 46-piece first aid kit and safety vest Handy car emergency first aid kit including a triangle bandage, scissors, 2 pins, 2 bandages, 1 paper tape, 15 plasters, 8 alcohol pads, 2 wet wipes, 2 cleaning wipes, 10 gauze packs, a professional compliant safety vest, safety blanket and dynamo torch..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Haste 10-piece first aid kit Gauze pad, 2 alcohol pads, soap wipe, wet wipe and 5 plasters in transparent red box with lanyard EN13485 compliant Plastic (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Healer 16-piece first aid kit EVA pouch including 4 alcohol pads, 1 non woven sponge, 5 adhesive plasters, 1 paper tape, 1 bandage, scissors, 2 pins and 1 triangle bandage EN13485 compliant EVA (Screenprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Henrik mouth-to-mouth shield in polyester pouch A must-have item for all CPR trained personnel, designed to make mouth-to-mouth emergency resuscitation safe for both patient and rescuer Tiny folded in a polyester pouch with keyring offering a large decoration area Prevents direct contact with both r..
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