"As soon as I received my welcome swag box I knew I was going to love working here!"

Is this the kind of response you want to hear from new employees in your business?

It might sound like the old cliché of “You don’t get a chance to make a first impression” but when new employees join your business, you really do need to get a head start.

Whether it was amazing or simply awkward, the first week is always a memorable time in a professional’s life. Some companies take great lengths to make their new employees welcome, while others don’t pay much attention — to say the least. The ones who go the extra mile welcome their new employees with a branded swag box of company merchandise, along with any information they might find helpful.

You could include a list of names of all the people in their office along with their photos - We all know how awkward it is when you're introduced to so many new people in your first week and you walk away and think "Oh my god, what was their name again?". The opportunities are endless when it comes to making them feel like a part of the team from the word go!

So why should you invest in an employee swag box?

  • The faster a new worker gets adjusted, then the faster they will start producing

  • The first few days is when an employee realises if they’re a right fit for the job or not

  • The people who feel appreciated tend to stay around longer

  • The simple fact that being nice to someone else makes you feel good

There are several ways to acclimate a newly hired person, some companies organise a lunch with the chairman while others simply show an explicative video, but we personally prefer the Swag Box

Employee welcome kits

A welcome swag box is like a survival kit for the office – but better. It’s a present intended to give the new employee the tools and knowledge they need to get up and running in the new job as soon as possible.

Welcome kits vary greatly depending on the company and the industry. For example, marketing agencies tend to be creative and take them very seriously, while other types of businesses may go down a more corporate route.

Some of the most common elements a welcome kit tends to have are:

  1. Welcome Letter

  2. HR Documents*

  3. Branded Merchandise

  4. Map of the Company

  5. Company’s mission and vision

  6. Schedule for new hire orientation activities

*These usually include an emergency contact information form, payroll and holiday schedules.

With us, you can design your own pick 'n' mix swag box

In order to choose an appropriate welcome kit there are several questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What do we want the first impression of the company to be?

  • Which elements are going to offer the best return on brand investment? (Will they Instagram it?)

  • Are there any elements we use on a daily basis that we can provide them with?

  • What are our values as a brand and how can we communicate that through this package?

If you're looking for a branded swag box for your employees, get in touch with us today and we can talk you through all the options.