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SKU: 10659600 SKU: 10659600
Vancouver recycled highlighter Single colour highlighter made of recycled water bottles Recycled PET Plastic (Padprint)..
SKU: 21035600 SKU: 21035600
Trio gel highlighter set The white plastic case includes three differentcoloured gel highlighters Plastic (Screenprint)..
SKU: 10679100 SKU: 10679100
Trafalgar square-shaped 4-colour highlighter Square-shaped highlighter with chisel tip in yellow, orange, pink and green ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
SKU: 21036300 SKU: 21036300
Solvig star highlighter Five brightly coloured highlighters in a star shape PP Plastic (Screenprint)..
SKU: 10678900 SKU: 10678900
Picasso highlighter with carabiner Single-colour highlighter with carabiner clip top and matching trim colour ABS Plastic (Padprint)..
SKU: 21036200 SKU: 21036200
Mr Highlighter 4-colour highlighter Multifunctional highlighter with keyboard brush, screen cleaner and four coloured highlighter in pink, blue, green, and yellow Plastic (Screenprint)..
SKU: 10699200 SKU: 10699200
Mondo highlighter Single-colour highlighter with removable cap and clip PP Plastic (Padprint)..
SKU: 10714300 SKU: 10714300
Mexi 12-piece marker set 12 coloured markers in a paper gift box Decoration not available on components PP Plastic, Fibre (Padprint)..
SKU: 10713800 SKU: 10713800
Fun Tri-Twist highlighter Multifunctional pocket size give-away that is perfect for reducing stress, anxiety and boredom Functions as a highlighter in colours yellow, orange and green Simply place between index finger and thumb area and spin Acts as a self-soothing device for users with attention di..
SKU: 10714100 SKU: 10714100
Flower highlighter Flower shaped highlighter with five coloured highlighters in orange, pink, blue, green and yellow ABS Plastic (Screenprint)..
SKU: 10699300 SKU: 10699300
Bitty compact highlighter Single-colour highlighter with removable cap PP Plastic (Padprint)..
SKU: 10679000 SKU: 10679000
Bermudian triangle-shaped highlighter Triangle-shaped highlighter with chisel tip in yellow, pink and green ABS Plastic (Digital sticker)..
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