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What is a Swag Box and why do I need one?

With promotional merchandise being a proven means of creating brand awareness and loyalty, gifts can help win the hearts and minds of staff, especially younger millennials and Generation Z.  This is particularly true if the gift resonates with their passions for the environment and good causes, health and wellbeing, travel, technology, or personalised experiences.

Make your new employees feel welcome on their first day with an employee welcome kit waiting for them on their new desk (or give us their home address and we’ll send it straight to their house). 

Give your employees the recognition they deserve with a box full of swag that they will love (and actually use). Or support other employee initiatives with a specialised branded merchandise box filled with the perfect swag.

Our pick ‘n’ mix options allow you to create a completely customized Swag Box to fit your needs (and budget) or you can build your own bespoke gift from scratch and create the swag box of your dreams while staying within your budget.

Okay… so when would I use this?

Our boxes are incredibly versatile, meaning you can use them for a variety of different occasions. 


  • Rewarding employees or welcoming new hires

  • Welcoming investors

  • Client gifts

  • Conference speakers gifts

  • Boosting employee engagement

  • Social media competitions

And what would I find inside a Swag Box?

The options are endless! We can create a bespoke box just for you, tailored to meet your company’s needs and budget.

Typical items you find inside a Swag Box are:

  • Socks

  • Hoodies

  • Stickers

  • Power Banks

  • Water Bottles

But why go traditional or boring?

With the fitness boom firmly in its element now, you could opt for a branded yoga mat. If your employees travel around a lot as part of their job, you could treat them to an anti-theft backpack. 

But if you fancy really going off the wall then why not splash out on a Party Speaker Cooler Bag. Yep… you heard that right. A bag, that has speakers in it and keeps your beer cold at the same time!

What will we do for you?

Swag Management - Don't waste your own office space, we can store and manage your inventory and restock as and when you need.

We’ll sort your designs - Free visuals of your swag boxes, so you don’t need to worry about paying for a Canva premium account or asking your mate who ‘knows a thing or two about photoshop’ for some help.

API Integrations - Plug your swag boxes into your current processes to streamline your onboarding process!

Build A Box - Build your own swag boxes with loads of optional extras and hundreds of quality products. Who doesn’t love a good pick ‘n’ mix?

Swag Stores - Reward your teams and allow them to earn credits to purchase swag on demand through your own webshop portal. Think of it like Monopoly money, except your team can actually exchange it for amazing goodies!

Global Delivery Services - We offer international delivery to enable your remote workers to receive their swag too. No need to send Barbara off to the Post Office with a million boxes!

Bespoke Product Sourcing - Create beautifully branded items that your brand deserves, without the stress! If there’s something specific you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll find it!

Support When You Need It - Our expert teams stretch far and wide, utilising our global supply chain! We have a guy (or gal) for everything you need. Pick up the phone, slide into our DMs or send us a carrier pigeon - it might make it here!

Got a burning question? Get in touch with us here.