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Our Simple Price Guide

We like to keep things straightforward, and the surprises in the box!


Packing & Fulfillment


1 Item

Upto 5 Items

50 Packs



100 Packs



250 Packs



500 Packs



When ordering swag boxes, we charge a simple handling fee to pack and sort your merch ready to be sent out. As standard, we offer a flat rate for packing up to 5 items into a custom or standard box or bag. 

When you need to distribute swag to multiple addresses we offer a discounted rate for one item to be sorted and packed for shipping. This is a great solution for T-shirt drops or sending out single items fast.

Often our clients will have something they would like us to pack, usually leftover merch they haven't ordered from us or something like a book or unique gift. Depending on the complexity of the request we usually sort these bits out if they fit within the 5 items rates. To be sure just give our team a shout we will always be accomodating of your needs.

If you would prefer to pack and hand out your swag yourself we can work with you to get all the supplies and advice you need to accept a bulk delivery and make up your packs. We don't charge anything for advice and will be on hand to help answer any questions on building boxes and packing securely.

Sometimes fragile items may be needed in your packs, things like glass, flowers, plants and mugs can often need a little extra time given to packing securely. If your project requires this we may need to charge for the additional materials and packing time however we will let you know when quoting your job.


1 Month

Upto 6 Months

Swag Pack



Small Item



Regular Item



Large Item



We will allocate relevant storage space within our Warehouse here at SWAG HQ which is based in Sheffield.

Small Items are things like pens, stickers, keyrings and lanyards.

Regular-sized items are things like notebooks, mugs, power banks, and T-shirts.

Large items are Backpacks, Yoga Mats, Speakers, Travel Bags.... think Microwave sized.

We can certainly take on the stock you may already have and need to work through. We are more than happy to help and will charge the same storage fees listed here based on size. We do however have a limit on the amount of 3rd party stock we can carry so speak to one of the team for more info.