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RFX™ Hitz reflective safety slap wrap

RFX™ Hitz reflective safety slap wrap
Slap wraps provide 360° visibility in the dark and are ideal for carrying promotional messages. By using these certified slap wraps you make traffic safety a feature of your brand. A slap wrap is an elongated reflector with a specially developed spring welded inside. With a light slap it easily curls around the arm or ankle. Available in various sizes, and in white or yellow colour. Features a florescent RFX™ soft reflective film made from phthalate free PVC or the more sustainable option TPU. Materials have been tested in accordance with SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) REACH candidate list and are free of phthalates. The slap wraps are CE tested and approved in accordance with EN 13356: 2001 Type 2. Made in Europe.
RFX™ Hitz reflective safety slap wrap
  • Model: 10216400
  • Total CO2 emissions: 0.077 kg CO2e

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