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Prixton MGF100 massage gun

Prixton MGF100 massage gun
Wireless and lightweight massage gun with functions suitable for both fitness and physical therapy. It helps to warm up before exercising, recover from low-intensity training, or relieve pain after high-intensity training. Includes 6 heads to perform different types of massages on different parts of the body. Motor power 30W-3300 rpm. Speed adjustment 1-9. Battery 2500 mAh, voltage 14.4V-16.8V. Charging time 3-4 hours. Capacity: 5-6 hours. Noise level 85 dB.
Prixton MGF100 massage gun
25 or more £67.01 each
50 or more £65.34 each
100 or more £63.73 each
  • Model: 2PA07290
  • Total CO2 emissions: 5.853 kg CO2e

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