We asked JustPark's Marketing Executive - Jack Leonard a few questions about their Swag Box experience!

For JustPark we we're tasked with delivering a carefully selected range of merchandise to over 500 investors here in the UK, each swag box was packed with a fantastic range of merch including mugs, stickers,  airfresheners,  power banks, tote bags, car and phone accessories and of course a JustPark T-shirt...each with unique sizing to be shipped out to individual addresses on the same day!

We found the project to be a great success and a pleasure to work on, but what did they think of the work we carried out for them?

Here are 3 quick fire questions we put to Jack to find out..

What was JustPark's biggest challenger when it came to delivering and creating a Swag box for your investors?

The biggest difficulty was the sheer complexity and size of the project. We had multiple types of swag boxes each with different products inside, different sized T-shirts and all going to different addresses. Swag Box was instrumental in ensuring the project was able to go ahead, they were able to collate all of the information, source and package the boxes and get them out delivered on time.

How did you find the process when working with Swag Box on this project?

Swag Box was great from the start, especially the director Sam who was on top of the project from the very beginning. He was always available by phone and email and regularly checked in with updates. They were able to suggest product ideas as well as style ideas which really helped move the project along. 

Could you share with us any feedback on how the recipients found their unboxing experience?

Our investors loved the swag boxes, we received emails and posts on social media praising the boxes and products!

Jack Leonard - Marketing Executive

Comments From Jack..

As a final note, I'd just like to say that Swag Box provided an excellent service from day one, to delivery and beyond. I'd highly recommend them for any swag needs.