Kickass merch is what we eat and breathe!

Quite literally... from custom branded sweets and beer to Helium-filled balloons and flamethrowers! We stop at nothing to deliver and with a combined 50+ years of industry knowledge we certainly have answers to the wonderful world of unordinary! 

We take our work to the extreme and aim to raise the stakes in our industry in many ways, we take it upon ourselves to offer the complete package on a global scale. No project too big or too small.


At Swag Box we are on a mission to bring our clients in line with our vision for the industry, we spend a lot of time working closely with our brand partners and global supply chains to introduce and improve on sustainability across the board. Heading this up from the start of your journey you will find we offer a wide range of products built to last. Minimizing waste and using renewable or recycled materials. We also work with many brand partners producing products from recycled ocean waste, car tires, coffee cups, and even corn starch. All whilst refusing to compromise on quality.... rather kick ass right? 

Break The Mould

Samesey stuff gets boring...FAST! We say to hell with that! Were all about being a little different and wouldn't want it any other way! We take complex projects and make them simple and stress-free whilst making the experience awesome for our clients. If that's offering next-day dispatch on onboarding merch so your new staff is ready to work with uniform and ID the next day? No problem. Hosting an event next week and want everyone wearing a kickass T-shirt? We have you covered and will ship them door to door so that they can be used for online events. Want to send personalized messages to your new employees? We have some awesome pens to hand and will certainly write a little love letter for a small fee... no sweat.