With the news that the Great British Bake Off may be postponed this year (we’re devastated too!), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite branded swag to help you be the best home baker you can possibly be.

  1. A boss-looking apron

When it comes to getting creative in the kitchen it’s important not to be worried about making a mess! We know that sticky sauces, glorious gravies and delectable desserts can wreak havoc on your kitchen, so making sure that you have a good-quality apron to protect that perfect quarantine date-night outfit is a must!

“Mary Berry eat your heart out!”


  1. Some swag-tastic oven mitts

Stay protected when handling hot pots and pans and use a reliable and protective oven glove that you can count on. Fun and bright, our branded oven gloves can add some colour to your kitchen and spice to your cooking, not to mention they’re totally Instagram-worthy!


  1. A chopping board with your face/company logo on

If you’re aiming to be the next “Paul Hollywood” and go all-out on the bread baking, then you’re going to need one of these. The horizontal open pattern allows crumbs to fall through to the tray below, keeping your counter-top, or your dining table, crumb-free.


  1. Utensils that put other branded swag to shame

When cooking, use a tool that can aid and improve the flavours of your dish. Here at SwagBox, we have a large range of branded utensils, allowing you to stir, mix and spoon to your heart’s content. Visit Pinch of Nom for some of our favourite dessert recipes.


  1. A wine cooler for a chilled glass after a long day of baking

Many wine pros suggest that white wine and even sparkling wine should be served at slightly cooler than room temperature. Many wine drinkers, though, want their white wine cold. We are those type of drinkers. There are a variety of ways to chill wine quickly. Whether you need to chill a bottle of white, rose, or sparkling wine because of a “wine emergency” or you want to cool a bottle of red that became too warm, you might need one of these swag beauties to quickly chill a bottle of wine.


I need a baking box for my team members!

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