HR And Marketing Teams… You Assembled!

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey, asking marketing and HR professionals their opinions on employee onboarding programmes and where they felt branded merchandise fell into the mix.

To everyone who gave us their time, we can’t thank you enough! Your feedback helps to shape not only our own business but the industry as a whole.

First things first… not surprisingly, when we asked, “Which Of These Do You Feel Are 'Essential' For A Successful Employee Onboarding Programme?” only a mind-blowing 6.25% of people answered, “branded merchandise” and only 18.75% of people said an “employee welcome box”.

We understand - especially in the current climate - that people are not always willing to spend money on branded merchandise, especially when it’s going to their employees and not on money-making machines… sorry, clients.

Yet unsurprisingly, when we asked what words people would associate a welcome box with, the top answers were Welcoming (87.50%), Motivational (43.75%) and Supportive (43.75%).

In addition, for a survey where 68.75% of respondents said that they felt branded merchandise helps to “boost employee morale”, we find it amazing that so many people would not consider it an essential part of onboarding a new employee.

With so many of us still working from home and companies beginning to restart their hiring processes, the thought of being able to send a welcome box straight to a new employee’s home should be a huge relief to employers.

A few other stats that surprised us were the number of things that HR and Marketing professionals felt were an essential part of onboarding a new employee which, in our opinion, are possibly the most boring part of a new hire’s experience.

Shockingly, 68.75% of people said, “paperwork & documents to be completed”... yawn. Yes, it’s true, you will definitely need to get that offer letter signed and get their bank details and blah, blah, blah. But the truth is, why should that be a part of your E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-E onboarding process? Surely it should be about focusing on them, and what they need, not the other way around.

Want to hear the statistic that shocked us the most?

We asked, “If you were organising a welcome box for new employees, when do you think they should receive it?”

A whopping 62.5% of people said that employees should receive it on the first day of their new role!

We’re sure you’re all picturing images in your head of the box at their desk with a little note on it saying “welcome to the gang” or something similar and how lovely a welcome that is on their first day.

Well, we say “to hell with that!” 

How rubbish would it be if an employee got that amazing, wonderful phone call to say they’ve been offered a job and then waited weeks and weeks and received no information from your company. They get told their start date and that’s it. They just rock up on their first day and have to absorb so much information in one 9-hour shift that they go home feeling both mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Now, let’s imagine a different scenario. One where as soon as possible after you’ve offered them the role, you arrange for an employee welcome box of swag to be delivered straight to their home. You don’t even have to tell them to expect it. Can you imagine how excited they will be when an unexpected parcel turns up at the door for them and they open it and it’s a personalised “welcome to the business” box filled with branded merchandise which gives them all the warm fuzzies? You could also include a company family-tree, a training calendar and the name of who their buddy or mentor will be once they arrive on their first day. 

That level of personal contact before they’ve even officially started working for you promotes a level of trust and loyalty in them that will turn them into fully-fledged brand ambassadors before they even set foot in the door. Imagine if they ended up leaving after 3 months because they didn’t feel welcomed into the company properly.

Would you like to be that business, the one where the employee tags you in a photo on Instagram with the caption “Look what I just received from my new team! Going to love working here”. 

The photo that their friends see and think “My company didn’t do anything like that when I joined them!”. 

By utilising branded merchandise in an employee welcome box you are killing several birds with one stone. You’re creating a warm welcome, boosting their morale, helping them to feel engaged and creating brand awareness and loyalty all at the same time.

So you’re reading this and you’re thinking… “Okay, okay… I need a Swag Box, but what do I put inside it?”

We’re glad you asked!

We asked people to imagine that they were receiving their own box of swag and to tell us what they would want to see included in it.

The results were pretty straight across the board, however, we’ve noticed some changes in trends over the years.

More and more, people are understanding the value that branded merchandise brings and are therefore opting to spend more money on higher quality products.

62.5% of our respondents said that they’d like to see an electronic item in there, such as a wireless charger or headphones.

25% also said that they’d like to see the boxes including fitness items such as a yoga mat or a fitness tracker. Not only are these items of significantly higher value than your average employee swag, but they’re also a nod to the ever-growing group of people who are more focused on their health and wellbeing. And these people expect their employers to care about those things too.

So how much will I need to spend?

This one is completely down to you and will also depend on how many staff you’re ordering for and the value of the items you choose to put inside.

Our survey showcased how much our respondents were willing to pay ‘per-head’ for an employee welcome box filled with swag.

However, this is just a guide and our survey respondents, unfortunately, haven’t had the benefits and true value explained to them prior to making their decision. We, on the other hand, see huge value in a tightly sealed onboarding pack and how getting this process right can save business huge costs on replacing early leavers who didn’t feel settled in and welcomed.


With that said, put the true costs into perspective. 


Would one day of your new employee’s pay be a reasonable amount to spend on their onboarding kit?

I need some help, what do I do next? 

We’ve got your back! Get in touch with us today and we can talk you through every aspect from building your own box through to delivery.