What you need to know before getting your company Christmas swag this year – Gift Industry trends in 2022


October’s coming to an end which means only one thing - pack up the Skeleton outfit again for the year, next up: It’s Chrismas! You’ll all be enjoying jolly festive parties and revealing Secret Santa’s before you know it.


With the merry season nearing upon us, comes the question of Christmas presents – for family, friends, but also for colleagues, (and in case you’re an employer) staff and clients…


If you’re the big cheese you might be thinking– are gifts for my team really necessary? Isn’t it enough that we just do Secret Santa like we’ve been doing for the past 12 years?


The short answer is no.


The longer answer is… It’s definitely not enough. Gratitude and appreciation are essential to retaining staff and creating a positive workplace culture. That’s why you shouldn’t rely purely on your team to gift each other… Providing a little something as a ‘thank you’ from yourself as a head of the business can play an important role in ensuring that your employees feel appreciated and a valued part of your team.


Plus promoting a culture of reward and recognition is one of the best ways to reinforce company values, so it can be a great opportunity to do this all in one go!



Decided to give your employees a little present this Christmas?


Wohooo, exciting! Now let’s make this even easier for you!


We all love gifting our loved ones, right? Choosing suitable company gifts, swag, prezzies, whatever you want to call them, can be a bit of a hassle!


How do you make sure the products will spark joy and will be used instead of wasting the company budget and adding to landfill? How to find items which will be enjoyed across various sectors, positions, and job grades?


Don’t worry - we’re here to help


We’ve put together 6 gift industry trends for Christmas 2022 which will provide a great starting point for your company's Christmas shopping this year!


Let’s dive right in!



Sustainability is one of the biggest topics right now. It’s no wonder people are aware of their actions towards our precious planet more than ever before.


Gifting your team and clients some sustainable presents can help them reduce waste and embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle while also helping to make a statement about your company values – win, win!


Gift ideas:

-        Organic tote bags

-        Wooden/bamboo pens

-        Reusable coffee tumblers and water bottles

-        Recycled/cork/bamboo notepads

-        Lunch boxes & cutlery sets

-        Reusable straws



2.        WFH PACKAGES

Working from home is commonplace now. We’ve grown to love the flexibility of the new set-up, and it seems like both fully remote and hybrid work is here to stay even after Covid-19.


Equip your team with some home office must-haves and boost their WFH spirit!


Gift ideas:

-        Scented candles

-        Clothing such as t-shirts, joggers, or hoodies

-        Cosy blankets

-        Desk plants

-        Novelty socks

-        Customizable planners

-        Webcam covers

-        Branded mugs




High quality tech isn’t simply a luxury of modern times anymore, it’s a necessity. Despite common misperceptions, tech gifts don’t have to be insanely expensive. Whether you’re looking for a small gadget or you want to go all out, there’s an option to fit every company’s budget. All you need is a product which is sleek, functional, and exciting.


You can never go wrong with high-quality tech gifts!


Gift ideas:

-        Wireless charging pads

-        Bluetooth speakers

-        Noise cancelling headphones

-        Biodegradable charging cables






Stationery will always be a versatile gift option to engage your audience – anybody can find a use for good quality stationery. Gifting a luxury pen with a sleek design can improve the receiver’s experience as well as raise your company’s brand awareness. What’s more, stationery is suitable for any target audience and any branding image.


Take the everyday necessities to the next level and help your team and clients stay organised with some quality stationery! Keep in mind that you can also go for quirky and funny office supplies and gadgets to lighten up the mood in your office!


Gift ideas:

-        Luxury pens (e.g., Parker)

-        Markers and highlighters

-        Notebooks (e.g., Moleskine)

-        Professional folders

-        Memo pad sets

-        Yummy office snacks




5.      BOOKS

One of the best ways to show your employees appreciation while also encouraging growth and development is to gift them a book. They are effective and thoughtful – everything you need in a present. There are some great titles to choose from, and what’s more, they can help your team succeed in both their professional and personal lives.


Is there a book which is crucial for your business? Has one of your CEOs written a book about your industry that every employee should read? Do you feel like your team could do with some mental health tips and wellbeing advice?


You’ve just discovered the perfect Christmas gift for your team!  





There is no doubt personalized presents have become a favourite go-to option when it comes to gifting. The only thing better than an incredible gift is an incredible personalised gift, right? Engraving someone’s name or adding a thoughtful message can make an ordinary gift into a special one straight away.


Lift your team’s mood by giving them some personalised gifts this year. Even a simple notecard saying thank you will make a difference and make the present more personal!

Feeling better about doing your company Christmas shopping this year? We hope so!


Remember that if you’re still unsure of what to buy, you can always set up your own company swag store, give your team some credits or coupons and let them choose what they’d like best themselves! Or just get in touch with our team, we’re always happy to help!