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14 Jul What The Hell Is Swag?
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Our Journey Through The Swag DictionaryLike for most people on the internet, the Urban Dictionary offers some absolute beauties when it comes to alter..
08 Jul The A-Z of Employer Branding: Our Top Tips
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Have you ever needed advice but no one had the right answers? Well, we may not have the right answers either, but this A to Z hopefully covers everyth..
24 Jun Employee Onboarding: What Do HR And Marketing Teams Really Think?
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HR And Marketing Teams… You Assembled!A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey, asking marketing and HR professionals their opinions on employee onb..
11 Jun Who Needs GBBO When You Have These?
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With the news that the Great British Bake Off may be postponed this year (we’re devastated too!), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite branded swag ..
08 Jun The TRUE Cost Of Employee Onboarding
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Do you understand how much employee onboarding really costs?Let's start with some cold, hard facts:- The average cost-per-hire in the UK is £3,000- Wh..
01 Jun Q&A with JustPark on SwagBox Service
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We asked JustPark's Marketing Executive - Jack Leonard a few questions about their Swag Box experience!For JustPark we we're tasked with delivering a ..
29 May The Branded Merchandise Your Company Can't Be Without In 2020
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The best kinds of branded merchandise are lifestyle products with great functional features. The more use the recipient can get out of the item, the m..
25 May Remote employee onboarding during coronavirus
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Coronavirus has thrown light onto what was previously overlooked by many companies… employee onboarding. Employee onboarding takes many shapes and for..
18 May As soon as I received my welcome swag box I knew I was going to love working here!
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Is this the kind of response you want to hear from new employees in your business?It might sound like the old cliché of “You don’t get a chance to mak..
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