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31 Oct 6 gift industry trends for Christmas 2022
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What you need to know before getting your company Christmas swag this year – Gift Industry trends in 2022 October’s coming to an end which means only one thing - pack up the Skeleton outfit again for ..
23 Feb The best gift ideas for employees in 2022
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In the world of business, it's often said that employees are your most important asset. And it's true - without a dedicated and hardworking team, no company can hope to achieve great things. As a boss..
21 Feb How startups are using swag to attract new talent
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It’s a known fact that startups are constantly on the lookout for talented people. Attracting talent to your company is an important part of running any successful organization, and startup founders k..
09 Feb How To Attract Millennials With The Right Company Perks
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Nap pods, free lunch, and unlimited annual leave aren't enough to capture the attention and loyalty of Millennials. Transform your company perks and attract Millennials with these six tips.66% of Mill..
06 Feb The TRUE Cost Of Employee Onboarding
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Do you understand how much employee onboarding really costs?Let's start with some cold, hard facts:- The average cost-per-hire in the UK is £3,000- When making a decision on where to apply for a job, ..
20 Oct
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"As soon as I received my welcome swag box I knew I was going to love working here!"Is this the kind of response you want to hear from new employees in your business?It might sound like the old cliché..
14 Oct Swag Box - Why we kickass every day....
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Kickass merch is what we eat and breathe!Quite literally... from custom branded sweets and beer to Helium-filled balloons and flamethrowers! We stop at nothing to deliver and with a combined 50+ years..
01 Aug 5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Items for Your Brand
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Eco-friendly promotional items are becoming more and more popular...and for good reason!Since the government’s ban on single-use items and increased environmental awareness, it’s time for your company..
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