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Brand: STAC Model:
Allen multi-key pocket tool Compact Allen key set tool that combines essential tools in a convenient folding design It features five Allen wrenches in sizes from 2mm to 5mm, 1 slotted and 1 Philips screwdriver Packed in a STAC gift box ABS Plastic, Metal (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC Model:
Beverly 20-piece tool box This 20-piece tool box in small case includes three screwdrivers, 10 bits in holder with: three Philips sizes (PH0, PH1, PH2), three slotted sizes (4, 5, 6mm), three Torx sizes (T10, T15,T20) and 1 adapter, four sockets (7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm), one cutter, one handle and one ..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Canyon 5-function carabiner knife 6 function carabiner pocket knife including knife, fold-away scissors, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener and file Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Casper 11-function mini multi-tool Compact multi tool with 11 functions and a nylon pouch Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Casper 11-function multi-tool Stylish 11 function multi tool Nylon pouch included Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC Model:
Construxx 28-piece tool box This 28-piece tool set in box includes a screwdriver handle with 9 screwdriver bits (PH1, PH2, PZ1, PZ2, SL5, SL6, T10, T15, T20), an extension adaptor, a socket adapter, 8 socket (5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm), a retractable utility knife, a long nose plier,..
Brand: STAC Model:
Crosst 13-function multi-tool 13-function multitool with a belt loop nylon pouch for storage and protection Features a long nose and standard pliers, a wire cutter, three slotted screwdrivers (1/4, 1/8 and 1/16), a cross-head screwdriver, a serrated blade, a knife blade, a saw, a bottle opener, a na..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Duke 7-function screwdriver set The pen shaped screwdriver has a clip for easy storage, a turn on/off light at the bottom and 3 different screws (Philips, Slot and Hexalobular) in 2 different sizes, makes 6 bits in total Batteries included Aluminium (Padprint)..
Brand: STAC Model:
Duty adjustable multi-tool wrench with LED light Compact design multi-tool with adjustable wrench and LED light ideal for quick repairs Also features a screwdriver slot incl 3 screwdriver bits, a knife, saw, can and bottle opener Packed in a STAC gift box Aluminium (Laser engraving)..
Brand: Bullet Model:
Engineer 6-function multi-tool Compact screwdriver with big and small Philips head, big and small slot head, level and a LED light with on/off power switch Battery included Plastic (Padprint)..
Excalibur tool with bit set, black Excalibur tool with bit set, black
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Ultra-strong tool with 10 separate functions and 9 additional bits. Packed in luxury gift box including high quality 1680D pouch. Aluminium body and stainless steel tools. Tools included: long nose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutters, knife, serrated blade, can opener, bottle opener, flat screwdri..
Brand: STAC Model:
Fix-it 16-function multi-tool High quality rubber edged 16-functions tool includes 6 Hex keys (#2, #2,5, #3, #4, #5, #6), 4 Wrenches (8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 14GE), Adapter, Cross-head screwdriver, Slotted screwdriver and 3 Sockets (#8, #9, #10) Packed in a STAC gift box Exclusive Design ABS Plastic, Stain..
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